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Presentations 2021

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Μιχάλης Ποντικός, Business Development Manager, Ελληνικό Ινστιτούτο Εξυπηρέτησης Πελατών

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“Efficient Loyalty for the next decade, what’s next?”

Jose Javier Diaz Garcia, CEO, Wallet-Com & Loyalty Expert at LoyalGuru
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“Loyalty Αλχημίες και yellow επιτυχίες!”

Βασίλης Ορφανίδης, Loyalty Head | Director, Τράπεζα Πειραιώς
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“Building relationships that last, through the SNFCC experience”

Γαβριέλλα Τριανταφύλλη, Programming & Production Director, Κέντρο Πολιτισμού Ίδρυμα Σταύρος Νιαρχος
Χριστίνα Βασιλικού, Visitors Experience Director, Κέντρο Πολιτισμού Ίδρυμα Σταύρος Νιαρχος
Χριστίνα Κωβαίου, Membership Program Officer, Κέντρο Πολιτισμού Ίδρυμα Σταύρος Νιαρχος
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“Speak to your loyalty members as a community, but engage them individually”

Άννα Καραχάλιου, Customer Relationship Business Leader, Leroy Merlin
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“From customer voice to revenue growth: measure CX with metrics & KPIs that really work!”

Ανδρέας Γαλανής, Head of Customer Success, Pobuca
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“How to prepare your brand for the future of loyalty”

Πάνος Βιρβιλιός, Marketing Manager, Austriacard Holdings
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“Only Brand affinity builds true loyalty”

Mike Brinn, Global Loyalty Director, TLC
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“Omni channel Loyalty – A seamless Customer Experience”

Δανάη Αβράτογλου, CRM and Data Manager, ESTEE LAUDER HELLAS S.A.
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“Harmonize to Humanize – How to achieve loyalty by being a relational, agile, emotionally intelligent brand”

Μάρα Κυμπιζή, E-Business & CRM Loyalty Manager, Γρηγόρης
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“Gamification in Loyalty: A Game of Strategy”

Victor Efthimiades, Executive Director, Loyalty Marketing Strategist, Executive Director Axiom
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“Αnytime customer first: advancing safety in new ways”

Πάνος Κούβαλης, Mobility & Convenience Tribe Leader, Interamerican
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“6 shades of youth loyalty!”

Ελευθέριος Αντωνόπουλος, Sr. Product Marketing, Loyalty & Digital Sales Manager, Vodafone CU
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“Customer Experience Essentials: The race for leveraging the loyalty CX in a fast-changing environment”

Μαριέτα Δημητρίου, Loyalty Manager, Regency Casino Thessaloniki
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“The 120-Year-Old Startup: The Nordstrom Way of Embracing Changes, Challenges and Culture”

Robert Spector, Customer Service and Loyalty Guru on The Nordstrom Way. His book was selected by FORBES magazine as “Top Busines Book of the Year”.Nordstrom, the U.S.-based fashion retailer, has focused on customer loyalty and customer service for well over a century by creating lasting relationships with its customers.
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